Components of Change

Changes to an organisation impact one or more items.

Team Model based upon the Original STAR Model from Jay Galbraith

In addition, the plans include the elements of: Vision / Mission / Goals / Objectives.

These components of change are very closely related to each other. Changes to one area will require an assessment of the impact in the other areas. Failure to assess the impact across the whole set may reduce the ability to achieve the overall benefits of any change.

Teams also address the above areas with two perspectives:

  1. Delivering the Team's Mission and Objectives.
  2. Improving the way the team carries out the mission and meets it's objectives.

Both of these perspectives are included in each of the components for a team.


The drivers for changes are generally identified through a Gap Analysis process. This process identifies differences between the "Current State" (Where you are today) and the "Desired Future State" (Where you want to be). A very clear understanding of these Gaps identifies the Gaps that lead to options to close the Gap and selection of the solution that will close the Gap in the most effective way.

The solutions identified by a Gap will generally change one or more of the items listed above.